My underwater journey with Olympus Australia

I have been incredibly fortunate with some amazing people supporting and guiding me through out the years as my personal work has developed (and continues to do so) A few years ago someone very special came along. Olympus Australia came across my work and over the last few years supported me on a number of my personal projects - They have taken an unimaginable leap of faith, with my projects not having any real guarantees. They have allowed me to enter environments impossible for me to control and unable to determine what I will actually return with. I can't count how many times I have sat on the edge of the boat / mountain / rock? and have thought to myself: I have no idea whats about to happen. Those who have been on trips with me know I turn into a human cocoon during these times. Regardless of all the unknowns I think I finally found a way and equipment that suits my body and my mind. Needless to say I love everything they stand for.. they have allowed me quietness and lightness so I can explore my work. Earlier last year they took another leap and offered me the opportunity to become one of their visionaries. What a dream. Through out this journey I hope to share more of my world, thoughts and processes and perhaps in some small way help others to find their own too. 

Michaela SkovranovaComment