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Become Part of the Solution to plastic pollution: 

In words of the incredible Sylvia Alice Earle - an American marine biologist, explorer, author, and National Geographic explorer-in-residence

Even if you never have the chance to see or touch the ocean, the ocean touches you with every breath you take, every drop of water you drink, every bite you consume. Everyone, everywhere is inextricably connected to and utterly dependent upon the existence of the sea.” 
- Sylvia Earle

Single-use plastic is devastating our ecosystem. It is estimated that around 8 million tonnes of plastic enters our ocean every year. 

Once plastic debris enters the ocean it’s ingested by seabirds, turtles, dolphins and hundreds of other marine species. It’s an overwhelming issue and it can be hard to know exactly how to begin to tackle this enormous problem

Part of the Solution / Plastic Free E-Book

How do we become part of the solution? Every single piece of plastic saved from the ocean makes a difference! I have collaborated with marine biologist Alice Forrest and graphic designer Harriet Spark help you get started - a simple guide on how to work towards a single use plastic free lifestyle. 
This book was created for ocean lovers, turtle admirers, bottled-water buyers, surf seekers, beach cleaners, whale worshippers, and anyone who’s ever used a straw. To inspire change, share solutions and most importantly remember why we’re bothering in the first place. Through the following images, facts and ideas, we hope to help you to create a happier, healthier ocean, human, and the whole planet, by changing your relationship with plastic.



Trash Tribe : 10 ocean conservationists / 5 Days / 7 tonnes of debris

This project was inspired by Trash Tribe - an initiative run by friends from environmental organisation Clean Coast Collective and partner organisation Tangaroa Blue.

In August 2017 I joined the Trash Tribe group to help clean up one of the most polluted yet remote beach in Australia - Chilli Beach on the Cape York Peninsula. 

During the period of 5 days, we helped to remove a massive 7 tonnes of marine debris and plastic pollution off the 6.7km Chilli Beach. Something I didn't think was humanly possible. 

We hand-picked and counted 7 tonnes of rubbish- some of the items from the clean up: 1009 cigarette lighters 2279 toothbrushes/combs/razors 3204 bleach bottles 3325 plastic drink bottles 5547 thongs (zero pairs!!) - all washed up since last years annual clean up. 

Each individual item collected from the clean-up was counted and recorded to input into The Australia Marine Debris Database which allows Tangaroa Blue to determine where the debris has originated from. Tangaroa blue can then drive change and collaborate with Australian Federal Agencies in an attempt to stop plastic pollution at the source.

Photo of me by a fellow ocean conservationist Steph Gabriel

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