National Geographic Your Shot Assignment - Underwater Beauty





I am excited to share my latest collaboration with National Geographic Your Shot. We created an assignment for which aims to explore the beauty of the underwater world.

I see underwater photography as an ever-changing adventure. Down below, we get to experience the wonderful feeling of weightlessness. Our senses become heightened, and the freedom of mind that comes with it can be a powerful form of meditation. With every passing second, minute, hour, and day, the ocean shifts and changes. No one single moment is the same.
This assignment is inspired by the March 2018 National Geographic magazine story about Drying Lakes and encourages you to discover not only the physical environment found in underwater, but also to explore the spirituality, challenges, and freedom this world inspires. I invite you to celebrate one of the most important ecosystems in the world by photographing the beauty found underwater.

To do so, you can venture into lakes, waterfalls, rivers, oceans, or even your own backyard pool. You won't need to go too deep to do underwater photography. Most of my images are captured within the first few meters of the surface, where the natural light creates a spectacular display. 
And there is no need to travel far or own complex equipment to witness this beauty. You can photograph the light, reflections, and ripples in the water. Or maybe your diving buddies, or the reflections on your own feet. Use the tools you have, whether it is your phone in a case, a point-and-shoot camera, or a specialist underwater housing. Snorkel, free dive, scuba dive, or simply dip your camera underwater. The most important part is that you start.
Regardless of where and how you are photographing underwater beauty, have fun exploring and experimenting. I can't wait for your photos to take me underwater with you, experiencing one of my favourite places in the world.

Assignment ends on Apr 18, 2018 - Please click here to submit!