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"The wonders of life beneath the waves"

Mashable Australia

 "When filmmaker and photographer Michaela Skovranova and her family moved from Slovakia to Sydney, they jumped into the big blue sea and never looked back."

The Huffington Post 

"Free-diving with Whales, Dolphins, and Australian photographer @mishkusk"


"Taking the plunge: The spellbinding photographs that show hauntingly beautiful life under the ocean surface”

Daily Mail

"Synchronicity': Photo series exploring life under the sea"

-The Telegraph UK 

"Australian art photographers explore underwater worlds"

The Sydney Morning Herald

"Free Diving Photographer Snaps Mesmerizing Images Of Underwater Giants"

Design Taxi

 "Australian Life prize 2015: the colour, the joy, the weird and wonderful"

The Guardian

"Winner of Australian Life Prize"

The Sydney Morning Herald